Il Hwa Korean Taekuk Ginseng 300g-20pcs
Il Hwa Korean Taekuk Ginseng 300g-20pcs
Il Hwa Korean Taekuk Ginseng 300g-20pcs
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Il Hwa Korean Taekuk Ginseng 300g-20pcs


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Each can contains 20 pcs of roots in a total weight of 300g. 

World's Best Korea Il Hwa

Ginseng as Wellness Science

The "Mystery of the Orient"

Retain the Superior Quality and Medicinal Efficacy of Korean Ginseng

  • The World Leader in Ginseng Science & Technology since 1971
  • Best selected 6-year old root
  • Il Hwa's Harvesting, Proprietary and Patented Processing strategy obtains the best Ginsenoside Balance
  • Retain the original flavour, taste and the effective component of ginseng saponin
  • Awarded the most honourable Korean President Citation
  • Gained international recognition for its quality and efficacy
  • Committed to health of humankind

Recommended Daily Drink

  • Slice the ginseng root
  • About 10 slices
  • 2 cups of water
  • boil for 20-30 mins.
  • can be re-boiled
  • eat the boiled ginseng

Ginseng: Myth or Scientific
A natural panacea - a cure all
The most effective herb to help modern life

  • Adjust to the stressful pace of modern lifestyle
  • Have various pharmacological ingredients
  • Unravelled its effectiveness as a panacea
  • The best cleanser of the blood
  • The adaptogen, ginseng combats stress of all kinds by adapting the body to all natural and unnatural stress

Antioxidant Effects of Ginseng

  • Russian cosmonauts are using ginseng increasingly
  • A mother nature to restore health and vitality in man
  • Retards the degeneration of cells
  • Promotes cellular proliferation
  • Improves general health problems relating to aging
  • Delaying the aging process
  • Prevent the spontaneous oxidation of highly unsaturated compounds including unsaturated fatty acids
  • Helps maintain the harmonious dynamic equilibrium of our inner energy
  • Keeps our life-cycle running smoothly

一和高麗太極蔘 300克 20支








100% 韓國產太極蔘


乾燥 6 年太極蔘根