Palace Pu Erh Tea
Palace Pu Erh Tea
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Palace Pu Erh Tea

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Black Tea (e.g., Pu Erh, Old Liu On): After-fermented Tea

It is a mild beverage, which is famous for helping digestion, reduces blood fats in cholesterol, help reduce alcoholic lever after drunk.

  • Put 1/3-cup of teapot/cup for brewing
  • Brew with Boiled Water 100ºC approx.
  • Color of tea for drink: Dark Black
  • Max: 5 brews

What does Chinese Tea do with HEALTH?

The three components of the tea leaf are:

a) Caffeine: it stimulates the central nervous system, movement of the intestinal tract and increases the flow of digestive juices. It is therefore help promotes blood circulation, better kidney function and digestion.

b) Polyphenols (popularly known as tannins): may strengthen the immune system and contain an antimutant factor that helps cell DNA to reproduce itself accurately, to prevent cancer.

c) Aromatic/Essential oils: account for tea aroma. It helps digestion, emulsify fats, and reduce cholesterol in blood fats, lower risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Pu Erh Tea

1. It's antioxidant - prevent damage caused by free radicals

2. It's antibacterial - help treat mild bacteria-driven conditions like acne

3. It's anti-inflammatory - soothe pain caused by inflammatory conditions, like arthritis

4. It may hep prevent photoaging - protect the skin from photoaging or signs of aging

5. It may help reduce bodily toxins - help break down and eliminate bodily toxins

6. It may aid in digestion - help balance the bacteria in your stomach and intestines and help the body digest heavy meals

7.  It may help reduce stress - help regulating and protecting the nervous system

8. It may help improve sleep quality - help quiet the mind so that you can drift away peacefully

9. It may help lower cholesterol - help improve your overall cardiovascular health

10. It may help ease symptoms of metabolic syndrome - help lower blood sugar, reduce obesity, and booth immunity ...

11. It may help manage blood sugar - help to lower blood sugar levels after meals 

12. It may help with weight loss - a great substitute for sugary drinks

13. It may help promote bone health - help lower risk of osteoporosis and fractures

14. It may help prevent heart disease and other cardiovascular disorders ...

15. It may be anti-cancerous - shown to inhibit the growth of tumor cells ...