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US Angus Beef Brisket Stew (1 lb)
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US Angus Beef Brisket Stew (1 lb)

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Well-trimmed beef, cut into 3/4 to 1 1/2-inch pieces that is covered with liquid and simmered slowly in a covered pot. Commonly cut from the sirloin but can come from any tender cut.

For naturally nurtured, quality beef, Angus has a few simple rules:

  • Fed a vegetarian diet. Cattle eat a vegetarian diet of top-quality grains, forages and essential nutrients.
  • Never given antibiotics. Cattle receive treatment when needed to restore health, but they are no longer eligible to earn the brand’s Natural label.
  • Never given hormones. Cattle growth comes at the rate prescribed by Mother Nature.


Braising is a low and slow cooking method that begins with dry heat and ends with moist heat. Sear beef at high temperatures in a heavy-bottomed Dutch oven to attain a caramelized crust (dry heat), and then cover and finish cooking in a liquid at lower temperatures (moist heat).

From searing to adding vegetables to simmering low and slow for hours, learn how to braise beef and how to make a perfect pot roast. Choose your favorite Certified Angus Beef ® brand cuts for braising on the stove or in a slow cooker.

Here’s how:

Preheat heavy-bottomed pan
Add oil before beef to prevent sticking
Sear on high heat to develop flavors
Add liquid, cover pan or Dutch oven and braise until tender

Packed with flavor and nutrition

Like all beef, Certified Angus Beef ® brand cuts are nutrient-rich and can fit easily into any healthful, balanced meal plan. There are many lean cuts of beef, which include choices to satisfy every craving, including steakhouse mainstays and family mealtime favorites. Just look for “loin” or “round” in the name.

Serving for serving, there aren’t many foods that can match everything beef has to offer:

Protein – helps keep you energized and regulate body processes

Iron – helps carry oxygen to cells and aids in brain development

Zinc – needed for many of the body’s essential functions

B Vitamins, including riboflavin and thiamin – promote growth and maintain health

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – a fatty acid that may play a role in cancer prevention and contributes to heart health

Selenium – an antioxidant that helps prevent damage to cells

Choline – plays a vital role in cognition and memory


每包約 1 磅